Best Marketing Campaigns That You Need To Take Notes from in 2024

Best marketing campaigns

Marketing is about more than just print ads or attaining the highest peaks of success; it involves identifying the strategies and steps that lead to ultimate success.

No matter what business you are starting or what kind of service you are providing, marketing will always play a crucial role in terms of elevating it into a much bigger brand. Every journey of the product or service starts with the marketing process.

You’re already running a business and aiming for the top. To achieve this, developing a solid marketing strategy is essential to ensure your product or service reaches a wide audience. Before diving into the marketing phase, it’s important to research and understand the methods of successful companies in this field. This step is crucial at the outset of your journey.

Ever since the beginning and end of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the marketing process has seen a huge increase in terms of product and service promotion. Just imagine, about 23.8% of the work was done through the use of marketing, generating about $771 billion in its wake. It was seen as a meteoric rise in marketing experience since it marked the beginning of a new era for all. This is largely the result of the successful marketing campaigns that helped pave the way for businesses to rally through hard times.

About 63% of the budget was applied to these facets until it brought some extraordinary results to the general public. You must be wondering that the phase of marketing truly changed the world here, and almost every single person is using this means to elevate their brand to the level of many others. Before we get there, you must know that a good marketer would always analyze the way others do. 

This is an important part because most organizations would largely conduct an analysis to find the best trends that would favor the marketers well in their pursuit of gaining more traction from the audience.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best marketing campaign examples that would inspire you while you are able to know that the process of marketing isn’t that easy for you. So, let’s have a look at these successful marketing campaigns.

Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ Campaign

You might have seen many brands using catchy and inspirational messages to inspire others. This is particularly common in marketing content, especially in the best marketing campaigns, as they aim to help the brand build a more public image in front of a larger crowd. 

Nike, a well-known brand, exemplifies this. It has been associated with numerous sports athletes and corporations, producing shoes and leveraging athletes as influencers. This approach is quite common in marketing efforts, but it is also among the most successful.

Nike has built itself into a global athletic footwear juggernaut through timed ad campaigns, targeting specific audiences, and utilizing effective marketing content. The campaign, which began in 1988, has been on a hot streak for a long time. It is one of the best marketing campaign examples, featuring a real-life athlete running 17 miles. This demonstrates the idea that people, like the featured athlete, can achieve anything. The message is clear: Don’t fear the outcome, just do it.

The campaign is executed superbly, with marketing content directed towards the target audience. It also serves as a message of positivity, influencing others to buy the product as it can be genuinely helpful in life. This successful marketing campaign has paved the way for greater success for a brand like Nike. The company reported a lifetime sale of $51.54 billion in 2023. Even after the pandemic, its marketing content and strategy have helped maintain its strong position.


Who can forget about the brand that has inspired many soft drinks since its inception? If you’re considering a successful marketing strategy for a beer company, Pepsi stands as an exemplary marketing campaign to emulate. So, what makes Pepsi so special, given its years of growth? Indeed, it’s a century-old beverage company known for producing one of the best cola drinks to date. However, they are also recognized as innovators in advertising, having employed various methods to elevate their brand while keeping it relevant in the modern era.

You might recall the “Is Pepsi OK?” ad featuring the legendary Steve Carell. This is a clever aspect of marketing psychology, as the actor’s fame lends credibility. Seeing such a well-known actor enjoying Pepsi and declaring it “More Than OK” can influence viewers to consider purchasing it. This is an intriguing example of a marketing strategy that leverages an influencer to create a positive impression on fans, potentially leading to increased product sales.

Pepsi is no stranger to generating revenue and executing advertising campaigns. Despite experiencing a dip in 2022, it reported approximately $93 billion in revenue, marking an 8.7% increase. Thus, a beverage brand can be a viable option with the right marketing content and a strategy that effectively encapsulates its psychological appeal.

California Milk Processor Board

Milk is, of course, a crucial element in our lives. The California Milk Processor Board ensures that the milk you drink is pure and reliable, offering more health benefits and providing the body with the best nutrients. An example of their marketing campaign is the “Got Milk?” initiative, which addresses the problem of excess milk in California while emphasizing the importance of milk in our lives.

This strategy also serves as a psychological approach to ensure that most people, especially children, understand and convey the message about milk’s importance. The Board employs prominent Hollywood stars as influencers to spread this message, influencing others and allowing them to interpret it in their own way.

The California Milk Processor Board utilizes several top marketing strategies, including influencer marketing, and develops creative content to spread their message to millions. This serves as an example of a public service message, undertaken by many organizations not only to gain traction but also to influence others based on competitive research and ethical life principles.


Dove is a brand that offers beauty products, such as their trademark beauty soaps. In recent years, Dove has implemented several successful marketing campaigns, such as showcasing women with different appearances while affirming their right to radiance. Additionally, Dove has conducted campaigns based on ‘before and after’ scenarios, demonstrating the pain points and proven results to audiences, thereby persuading them to purchase the products.

One particularly successful marketing campaign that sets Dove apart is the “Real Beauty” Campaign. This campaign is notably creative, highlighting the diversity of skin types and affirming that all deserve to be considered truly beautiful. This campaign also serves as a message to women that they are equally beautiful, regardless of their differences. It is both influential and inspirational, particularly for women who may have insecurities about their appearance.

Dove has demonstrated cleverness in its advertising campaigns, utilizing creative depth to achieve positive results. Interestingly, Dove allocates approximately $200 billion dollars for these campaigns, aiming to elicit a positive response from the public. Being a part of Unilever, this strategy aligns with Unilever’s broader objectives, as the company has also produced inspiring commercials that support community development.

Old Spice

If Dove can make tons with sheer creativity towards inspiration, so can Old Spice. It is one of the oldest perfume brands, yet their sense of humor remains sharp. Many companies use humor as a key element in successful marketing campaigns. 

In this regard, Old Spice stands out as an excellent example, leveraging humor to show ‘The Man what your man could smell like.’ This approach primarily targets men who desire to smell appealing.

The campaign’s main focus was to juxtapose a man not using Old Spice deodorant with another who does, attracting numerous women. This recurring theme plays on the notion that women are drawn to men who smell good, a philosophy underpinning the ad’s humor.

 It also taps into the psychology that encourages men to buy the deodorant.

So effective was this ad campaign that many people often imitated it on various occasions. Although it might seem a bit unusual, over $100 million was invested in creating and marketing this campaign. This substantial budget aimed to massively promote the deodorant, inspiring men to purchase it and, ostensibly, attract women. ‘Ladies’ is a somewhat colloquial term here but is effective for the company’s purposes nonetheless.

Coca Cola

Pepsi might say that it is okay, but Coca Cola is all about sharing a Coke with the others. As successful as Pepsi, Coca Cola is often regarded for its creativity in the advertisements. Secondly, it would use some of the marketing content that makes for the influential experience as one of the best marketing campaign examples that most people should follow in the footsteps of. ‘Share A Coke’ Campaign is a very common but also the most popular campaign to date in the history of the organization.

The Ad Campaign has shown a lot of potential since it was influenced by not only the nation of Australia, but also the other nation around the world, who would go to 

Make so many iterations of the same ad campaign. This is truly a remarkable statement since the advertising campaign pays dividends to the target audience, which is basically the people in general. This also makes for the better part of the marketing strategy while compared to the rest.

The main budget of the entire campaign was about 3.3 billion dollars, which was followed by the assets as well as creative marketing content. This is actually a bigger fact since Coca Cola commonly uses immense budgets to develop the most successful marketing campaigns in its wake.


You probably have heard this saying, ‘You are not you when you are hungry’, which also makes for a satisfying marketing campaign example of course. Snickers is a well known brand of chocolates, mixed with caramel. The slogan alone makes this a much more anticipated brand since it has also associated itself with many other sports organizations, such as WWE, being the sponsor to its Wrestlemania events. The slogan alone is the stroke of genius as the most creative marketing strategy above all else.

Snickers would use this variation in a manner that relates to the slogan. You have a person who might have a confused appearance since he is hungry. So, the other person would give him a snickers and he reverts to his original appearance. This is actually the most humorous and the most creative campaign of them all. The fun fact is that WWE also made a parody of the advertisement by featuring their own superstars in the same vein.

Another good fact is that Snickers has earned about 127.6 Million dollars every year, which is thanks to their creative marketing campaigns as well as creative slogan, which has been a mainstay of the organization for so many years as well as in the present day.


Apple is a brand which is largely known for developing so many advancements in technologies such as Iphones and IPads. You can say that their creativity is limited. Judging by their endless array of technological innovations. It can be said that their creativity in terms of content and campaign is actually limitless.This can also be said by their ad campaign of ‘Creativity Goes On’. This is not just a testament to the success of Apple, but also a testament to their creativity.

The execution of the ad is also very impressive as it features the piano soundtrack along with the pictures of the world and the people who are working their lives along with the picture of nature, which is a direct reference towards the creativity that most people have come up with their whole lives.

 Finally, the ad closes in a very effective manner while displaying the ‘Creativity Goes On’ label on the closing segment. This alone shows the journey of the company along with the addition to their hard work and dedication towards the target audience.

 Go Pro Awards

GoPro is a platform that introduces some of the best videos. Each year, the GoPro Award is held to award the videos that have won the hearts of the people through creativity and execution. So, how would they promote the award series that would be streamed on the internet ? The Answer is plain and simple here, through the means of active participation along with building a more powerful marketing campaign, that also serves as the best marketing campaign example for you here.

So, you have this campaign where GoPro would use some humor in order to gain traction while also adding excitement above all through introducing some of the categories for the awards. This campaign led to the GoPro awards being featured for so many years to come.

Closing The Book

Before we close the book here, you can find the good marketing campaign examples here at, where we provide a number of services such as target market, ad campaigns, social media management, among other digital marketing services. No matter whether it involves only content marketing or an entire campaign, you can find comprehensive assistance with your marketing efforts, as well as guides for conducting successful marketing campaigns.


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